Research Reports for Government Bodies

・ Qatar Museums: Battle of Wajba – Archive and Aerial Photography Research
・ Qatar National Museum: Exhibition Content of the Old Palace
・ Sharjah Archaeology Authority: Mleiha Comparative Study of Defence Architecture
・ Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Culture: Metalwork Wear Analysis of Weapons from Safah
・ Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Battle of Aslıhanlar Survey Reports
・ Konya Municipality: Konya Old City Wayfinding Proposal

Published Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Aksoy Ö.C., Kahraman G. 2022, Memorialisation of the Turkish War of Independence: Monuments, narratives and commemoration at the battlegrounds of Dumlupınar, War & Society 2022, Vol. 41, Issue-3: 220-246.
  • Aksoy Ö.C. 2021, Revisiting the Battle of Dumlupınar: An Archaeological and Ethnographical Exploration of the Turkish War of Independence, Journal of Post-Medieval Archaeology, Vol. 55: 109-136.
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・ Hattusa / Turkey : 2500 BC-2ndAD
・ Klazomenai/Turkey-6th-4th c. BC

Artefact Studies

・ Safah, Oman: Metalwork-Wear Analysis of Iron Age Weapons
・ Dumlupınar Museum, Turkey: Military Equipment Inventory 20th c.
・ Sharjah Archaeology Museum: Bronze Age and Iron Age Metal Workware Analyses
・ Hattusa, Turkey: Recording of drill cores
・ Tayma: Typological analysis of metal weapons and hammer stones


・ Rock Art Surveys , Northwest & Southeast Arabia
・ Iron Age Defence Architecture Surveys, Northwest & Southeast Arabia
・ Tayma/Saudi Arabia: Late-Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Fortified Oasis Settlement
・ Al-Qurayyah/Saudi Arabia: Late-Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Fortified Settlement
・ Lizq/Oman: Early Iron Age Hillfort
・ Kalba-4/Sharjah: Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Fortified Settlement
・ North Qatar: Early Islamic Sites
・ Battle of Aslıhanlar (1922)/Turkey: Modern Battlefield Survey

Historic Building Recording and Oral History Surveys

・ Doha, Qatar: Vernacular Architecture and Oral History Survey

・ Battle of Aslıhanlar (1922)/Turkey: War Memorials and Oral History Survey

Wayfinding Design Proposal for Dumlupınar Battlefield Heritage Site Turkey

Sequence of the Battle at the Bloody Bridge on the 30th of August

Tourism Route Map for Konya Historic City Centre Turkey

Italy Ex Falck Area: Proposal of Public Accessibility to Industrial Heritage
Politecnico di Milano | Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Architectural Installation inspired by the Streets of Doha
Unlimited Doha Design Prize outcome: Katara, Doha/Qatar

Multimedia Design
Interactive Database Interface Design for Dumlupınar Battlefield, Turkey

Graphic & Souvenir Design for Heritage Sites